Here we go!

MontrealExpos2We are two Montrealers associated with the organization « Expos Nations » travelling

across the United States. More precisely, our epic journey will begin on the 1st of July

2014 in Boston and will end in Toronto around the 28th of September 2014.

Actually, our purpose is to promote the return of a baseball team in Montreal. If you

don’t know the story of the Expos, in 2004 we lost our baseball team in our city. Since

then, many organizations are working to bring our beloved team back in Montreal.

Our main goal is to visit every ballpark that hosts a Major League Baseball (‘MLB’) team

in order to raise awareness all over the United States and Canada with fans and teams,

whether it being their management, owners, coaches, players, etc.

As well, our goal is to observe the baseball life in every stadium and to show all fans of

this great sport around North America that Montreal is really motivated and its utmost

desire is for the return of an MLB franchise in their town.

So we hope you will follow us on this blog during our trip and we hope to see you soon in your local ballpark!


Gabriel Morissette and Adry Laurin



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