Let me write this down


It all started on a rainy night in Montreal


Gab: I would really like, one day to see every ballpark in the MLB
Adry: We could do it in a big road trip
Gab: When? this summer?
Adry: Sure why not!
Gab: Wait wait wait, we need to write this down…

So here you see the first ideas we put on paper when we both decided to visit every ballpark in the MLB during the summer of 2014. Needless to say that we never tough that this project would come to life and We still can’t believe that we are crazy enough to do this. This is basically our itinerary if everything goes well. We’re pretty sure something will go wrong or that we will get at least one rain check so those dates are not final and we are not limited in time for this trip.


We’ll keep you posted during the trip so keep following us here and on our twitter account @mtlontheroad

Baseball Adry et Gab-page-001




One comment

  1. J’ai lu votre article dans le journal La Presse et je vous trouve super de bonne idée de faire ce voyage, je vous trouve chanceux. J’ai moi-même fais 10 stades au USA et vous allez vous amusé, je pourrais vous donner des conseils pour vous aidez a passé certaine barrière pour aller dans certain stade, enfin, j’aimerais garder contact pour avoir la suite si possible alors écrivez moi.

    A bientôt.

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