The plan

mlb map

So this is what our plan look like. I doesn’t take account for roads or natural obstacles but it’s only to show people an idea of our road to the 30 ballparks. Starting from Montreal we’ll be going down the east coast to Florida. Then travel across the south of the USA to the west coast. Going up the west coast (with a stop in Las Vegas!) reaching Seattle. After that heading to Colorado, the Midwest, the great lakes and our last stop in Toronto.

This schedule is temporary and we both know that we’ll probably have to change that due to rain check games or any other problems. It’s gonna be a long way on the road to the 30 ballparks but we’re both motivated and can’t wait to promote the expos nation message all around the United States!

Gabriel Morissette
Adry Laurin



  1. EXPOS nation is bigger than Montreal ..Luv the EXPOS..but never lived in Montreal so maybe you could invite all citizens of the EXPOS nation not just Montrealers to promote your initiative …Good Luck ! Do whatever it takes ..Give er !

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